Interview with MedText CEO


Name: Lukas Busek 

Age: 45

Hometown: Lovosice

Now Lives: Prague/Lovosice

Why: Lukas is the co-founder of MedText → a GDPR compliant messaging app that allows users to use functionalities and tools they are accustomed to from consumer environments, e.g. iMessage or WhatsApp. Healthcare providers face many challenges throughout their workday and taking care of patients can be demanding from time to time, but communication doesn't need to be complicated. MedText provides simple secure messaging that makes excellent healthcare easier.

Big Break: I have been working in the healthcare environment since 2006 and I've noticed my customers using all kinds of tools. Healthcare specifically, demands high accuracy and real-time communication. Since the GDPR was knocking on the door in 2018 and I was aware of the impact it will have on healthcare communication, I started to brainstorm with my team and close circle of friends from the healthcare environment how we could provide a tool that is so desperately needed. And then the idea of MedText was born. The idea of a communication App is not unique, however, MedText brings unique features that are tailored to the healthcare environment.

Latest Project: We are currently working with several hospitals in the Czech market to utilize the MedText application as their core communication tool. We are also seeing an interest and collaboration potential on a country level outside of the Czech Republic. I think for 2 years this application healthcare professionals have needed access to this application. GDPR has changed the game of healthcare communication drastically. It is not a question if the healthcare environment is ready to utilize communication platforms like MedText, rather that it is a necessity. In today's COVID world, such a tool can improve communication between respondent teams while keeping the security of personal data aligned with GDPR.

Next thing: In the following months, we hope to successfully counteract the pandemic and provide effective medical services for healthcare providers to save public health and lives. MedText can fulfill this goal easily and hopefully will be used to raise the level of protection for healthcare professionals and patients too. MedText is ready to use and can be implemented at any healthcare organization at once. Medtext company is run by a bunch of technology geeks that are living by our core values that are intertwined with our brand’s promises:

Empathy: solutions that feel tailor-made for you, because they are.

Simplicity: tools that do everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Reliability: healthcare depends on you and you can depend on us.

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