MedText is a simple, secure communication application that makes excellent health care easier


MedText is a communication application for health care professionals that is compliant with GDPR. The application allows rapid sharing of patient information among caregivers while maintaining full compliance with data privacy legislation.

Key benefits

  1. wide accessibility: immediate use for any user of smartphone, Ipad or computer
  2. targeted for healthcare professionals: solves communication challenges unique for the healthcare environment
  3. simplicity: a clean, intuitive user interface that is easy to learn and use
  4. security: technical and operational guarantees that ensure staying safe, in accordance with the GDPR and the legislation of the EU and Czechia.
  5. messages: meets the expectations set in applications for sending messages to users in all its media forms - text, photo, video, call
  6. organized messages: developed especially for the communication of healthcare professionals, so that urgent messages cannot be overlooked and are automatically ranked in the first position if marked as such
  7. teamwork: will enable unmet needs of collegial (across the hospital) and inter-organizational cooperation in the care of a specific patient
  8. ready to face a new global challenge COVID-19 (no COVID-19 impact): maintain communication from a distance, eliminating the need for personal contact, rapid transfer of information to first-line professionals, limiting transfers to liaison clinical workplaces
  9. time saving: works in real time, asynchronously. It does not require an increase in use time or a loss of time in the transmission of information.

If you wish to try out MedText for your team you can request a demo at

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